Lessons Learned: Learning from experience and reflections

For the third consecutive year, Biocat and CataloniaBio worked together to host the Lessons Learned sessions. This initiative aims to allow professionals from companies in the healthcare and life sciences arena to share their experiences and to network.

More than 219 people came to the interesting sessions held throughout the year, where experts in product-development strategies, legal issues and finance shared their expertise, experience and viewpoints on key issues for the development of companies in the sector.

There were 30 guest speakers who explained the lessons they have learned through their own experience. The events in this edition focused on topics like organizational models, medical devices, communication and market access.

Here are links to the Lessons Learned sessions held in 2016:

· Organizational models in biocompanies and managing change: what are the keys to success? (31 March);

·  Medical devices: tips & tricks for managing the process of prototyping and validation (5 May);

·  Rating companies. Beyond the numbers (5 July);

·  Communication strategies to grow your business (4 October);

·  Market access and reimbursement (29 November)

Lessons Learned

The sessions are a forum for networking and knowledge. 

More than 200 people participated in the Lessons Learned sessions in 2016.

Participants learned about key issues for the development of companies in the sector.